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Ray Wilkerson, CEO

Ray Wilkerson is a motivational speaker, author, and minister known for his high-energy speaking engagements. Visionary, Entrepreneur, Organizational Leader and Human Services Professional with over 30 years of experience developing, directing, and managing community-based housing and re-entry programs serving adults in need of support due to mental illness, substance abuse, incarceration, and homelessness.

Born in Camden, NJ in 1958, Wilkerson a former drug dealer and user of 22 years understand the struggles having firsthand experience using drugs, being incarceration, homeless and at one point considered committing suicide.

He is CEO of his own consulting firm, and has worked with organizations, businesses, and individuals, in New Orleans LA, Detroit Michigan, Dallas TX, Houston TX, and North Carolina.

Upon moving to Goldsboro, NC he engaged himself in conversations with many people who took part in various substance abuse treatment programs and those who were released from incarceration. All indicated the ‘inability’ of the program to address reality from the standpoint of those who were financial depressed, that is, the inability of a person to change people, places, and things to prevent relapsing.

Moreover, many of those he spoke with had minimum wage jobs or were unemployed as a direct result of their lifestyle. The enormous pressure to forget unrealized dreams was a direct contributor to crime, incarceration, recidivism, chronic unemployment or under-employment and substance abuse.

Wilkerson saw through the pain and suffering of those he was in contact with that another approach was needed and thus Exodus Life Change was born, and the holistic approach of Spiritual Empowerment, Economic Empowerment, Social Empowerment, and Domestic Empowerment was implemented.

Mr. Wilkerson also provides an incubator for newly emerging entrepreneurs, SME, churches, and non-profit organizations who desire to address social issues relating to the quality of life facing people world - wide. Newly emerging organizations will have instant use of a wide variety of resources. These resources, which will come in the form of workshops, webinars, and conferences that will help, develop an organization into a pillar in their community.

The Exodus House Business Incubation Program is an economic development partnership designed to help create & sustain jobs in the community and spur economic growth throughout the region. This goal is accomplished by helping new and struggling early-stage businesses grow to the point where they need to hire employees to continue operating and growing.

He is the author of his own book called “Coming Out of Total Darkness”: Living the Tunnel Life.

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